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About New Earth Designs...

New Earth Designs was started in the 1970’s by Anne Ashworth, sold to the Rugars of New York, and since 1992 has been owned by me, Jeanne Benjamin.
The over 250 patterns in the catalogue vary from gorgeous orientals to pictorials, folk art and primitive. Most of the designs are silk screened for clear dark lines, and they are printed as straight as possible. Patterns are available on either monks cloth, rug warp, or linen. If a photo is available, the pattern will come with it!
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...the Lib Callaway Collection of Patterns...

Lib Callaway was a popular primitive teacher back in the days when narrow cut rugs were the rage. I remember her having full, dynamic classes in the 1980's at Atha 1 camp. Many of her designs stem from her love of antique rugs and folk art. There are over 250 patterns available in her catalogue.
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...and Jeanne Benjamin.

In 1971 I began rug hooking, but quickly decided I needed help! I took lessons from Bunny MacKay until I married and moved. Designs of all types intrigued me and I hooked intensively. Bunny gave me one dyeing lesson before I moved. I found there was no teacher near me, so took the McGown teachers training course just to learn more; I had no intention of teaching. People began asking for lessons, so I learned as I taught! I loved it!

When we moved back to MA, I continued teaching and began dyeing wools for Lincoln House and for mail order. In 1981 I went to my first rug camp and went back each year. In 1989, I was asked to teach at ATHA 1 camp. Since then, I’ve taught at between 9-14 camps and workshops each year. I’ve met many wonderful people in many different places.
Now teaching / dyeing / colour planning / printing and designing patterns is my full time job. And I love it all!

Students tell me my teaching specialties are colour planning, especially for antique looking primitives and orientals. I also love pictorials and folk art. The students who come to me are welcome to hook whatever they feel “speaks” to them and we work together on the colour planning. Classes are held here in my studio. . .when I’m not out teaching! For shoppers, the studio is open only by advance appointment.