Are you having trouble with the website? Not sure why some things are the way they are? Maybe these questions and answers can help!

Q: Why can't I order wool or rug patterns online?

A: For wool, the colour differences between the actual wool and your computer may be somewhat different. For patterns, it is best to discuss the material options with Jeanne before ordering. To contact Jeanne directly, see the Contact Me page.

Q: Can I expect to receive matching samples if I re-order?

A: If you are re-ordering, please do not expect that an exact match will be available. For best results, please send a small piece of what you have and I will do my best. If you do not send a sample for me to match, be aware that it may not match. Unfortunately, shipping costs for returns are your responsibility.

Q: I have hooked one of your rugs, can I send you a photo for the website?

A: Sure! Please email Jeanne from the link at the bottom of the page and we will probably post your photo to the website!

Q: I hooked a New Earth Designs or Lib Callaway pattern some time ago, but I don't see it on this site. Do you still carry it?

A: Maybe! Not all of our patterns (or wool offerings, for that matter!) are shown on the website. We keep adding more as time and photographic opportunities permit, but a major challenge is getting photos of the finished pieces.

If you would like to receive a catalogue of all the patterns that New Earth Designs and Lib Callaway has to offer, you may purchase it from the Order a Catalogue page.

Q: How come some things are hard to read or look funny?

A: This site was constructed to be available to the broadest range of devices and web browsers available. However, some discrepancies do exist. If you are really having a tough time getting at what you need, please contact the webmaster directly.

Q: Why do some parts of the site take so long to load?

A: In order for you to find a piece that you would like to hook, or for ideas on what the wool products look like, we have supplied hundreds of photos of all these things. The photos were all hand-optimized for speedy viewing on the Internet, but quality and clarity of detail were of the utmost importance. We feel that you will prefer the small delays here and there in deference to the ability to see the photos clearly and accurately.